Wildwood Flower

Cat. #0092 (MFH #679) - As sung by Mr. Ed Stilley, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on May 1, 1958

On a evening long ago, when the sun was sinking low
My true lover went to sail upon th sea
It was in th month of June
And th roses were in bloom
When he took me in arms and said to me,

Your a flower blooming in th wildwood
A flower that is bloomin' there for me
Sweeter than th morning dew
And I'll soon return to you
A flower that is blooming there for me

But a letter came to me, from th Captain of th sea
He told me that my darl'ns over due
O, the shock and great surprise
Made th tear drops in my eyes
When I thought of th last words that he said,

He cannot come back to me, he got drowned in th sea
And all my weary wait are over now
But when it's in th month of June
And th roses are in bloom
It seems that I can hear my lover say,