The Lifeboat

Cat. #0921 (MFH #405) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

We floatin' down th streams of time
We have not long to stray
For the stormy clouds of darkness
Will turn to brighter day
Then let us all be courage
For we're not left alone
A lifeboat soon is coming
To gather its jewels home

Then cheer, my brothers, cheer
Your trials will soon be o'er
Our lovin' ones we will meet an' greet
Upon th golden shore
We are pilgrims an' we are strangers here
Seekin' a city to come
Th lifeboat soon is coming
To gather its jewels home

Sometimes I feel discouarged
An' think it all in vain
For us to live a Christian life
An' walk in Jesus name
But then we hear th Master say
I'll lend a helping hand
If you will only trust me
I'll guide you to that land

Th lifeboat soon is coming
By th eyes an' th face I see
As she sweeps o'er th water
To rescue you an' me
Then landed safely in th boat
Th friends we love so well
Get ready, cries th Capting
O look, she's almost near