Marchin' Thru Georgie

Cat. #0944 (MFH #451) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

Bring along you bugle boys, sing another song
Sing it as we used to sing, carry th words along
Sing it with th chorus, boys, fifty thousand strong
While we are marchin' thru Georgie

Hoo-ray, hoo-ray, we'll bring th jubilee
Hoo-ray, hoo-ray, th flag that makes us free
Always sing th chorus from th land unto th sea
While we are marchin' thru Georgie

How th darkies shouted when they heerd th joyful sound
How th turkey gobbled when commaser was found
How th sweet potatoes even started from th ground
While we were marchin' thru Georgie