In The Lone Graveyard

Cat. #0946 (MFH #407) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

O, th time will come an' it wont' be long
When I leave this world for land of sun
There t' shout an' sing, while th ages roll
Be sheltered there from th heat an' cold

In th lone graveyard, I will soon be laid
An' it won't be long, till my grave is made
In that sweet home, here my loved ones wait
Is a place for me, when I reach that gate

I will labor on, till th sun goes down
Waitin' me, is a robe an' crown
An' a place there'll be, with th angel band
When I take my seat at th Lord's right hand

It won't be long, till th close of day
Soon my life will end and I'll pass away
But I'll serve th Lord an' I'll do my best
Till He calls me home, to th place of rest

Ollie says her Mother used to sing this all the time.