Battle Of New Orleans

Cat. #0948 (MFH #82) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

In eighteen fourteen took a little trip
'Long with Colonel Jackson to th mighty Mississipp
Took a little bacon an' took a little beans
Over took th British way down in New Orleans

We fired our guns an' th British kept a comin'
An' it wasn't nigh a many as it was awhile ago
Fired once more an' they begin t' runnin'
On down th Mississipp, to th Gulf of Mexico

We looked down th river an' saw th British come
Must'a been hundred of 'em beatin' on th drum
They stepped so high tat they made th bugle ring
We stood behind th cotton field an' didn't say a thing

Ole Hickory said, we'll take 'em by surprise
We'll not fire our muskets till we look 'em th eye
We held our fire till seen their face
Well, then we opened up our guns an' realy give 'em well

Well they run through th brairs an' they run thought th brambles
As they run through th bushes where a rabbit couldn't go
They run so fast a hound couldn't catch 'em
On down th Mississipp, to th Gulf of Mexico

We fired our guns till th barrells meted down
Grabged aligator an' fought another roun
With his head full of cannon balls an' powdered his behind
An' when that set th powder off, th gator lost his mind