Live in Glory

Cat. #0963 (MFH #408) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

I would like to stay here longer than man's alloted day
An' watch th fleetin' changes of life uneven way
But if my Saviour calls me to that sweet home on high
I'll live with Him forever in glory bye an' bye

O, yes I'll live in glory by an' by
I'll sing an' tell the story there on high
There with my redeemer never more to die
Yes, I'll live in glory by an' by

I want to be of service along th pilgrim way
An' leave th rest to Jesus, firmly as I pray
Day by day I travel a keepin' ever nigh
An' live with 'im forever in glory by an' by

Th end I know is nearing by faith I look away
To yonders home eternal th land of endless day
I cling to Him forever an' look beyond th skies
As then th endless ages in glory by an' by