Drunkard's Child

Cat. #0986 (MFH #738) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on March 11, 1970

My Daddy is a drunkard
My Mother she is dead
I am jest an' orphant child
No place to lay my head
All thru this world, I wandered
They drive me from their door
Someday I'll find a welcome
In Heaven's golden shore

Now, if to me you listen
I'll tell ya story sad
How drinkin' rum an' gamblin' Hell
Stoled away my Dad
My Mother is in Heaven
Where God an' angels smile
An' I know that she is watchin'
Over lonely orphant child

We were all once't so happy
An' had happy home
Till Daddy started to drinkin'
An' then he gambled some
He left my darlin' Mother
She died with a broken heart
An' as I tell my story

Don't weep for me an' Mother
Altho' I know it's sad
But try an' get someone
To cheer my dear old Dad
I'm awful tired an' hungry
She closed her eyes an' sigh
An' those who heerd her story
Knew th orphant child had died