She Broke My Heart When She Said, You All

Cat. #0995 (MFH #614) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

Late in th summer an' early in th fall
She wasn't to short or she wasn't to tall
Her eyes lit up like a cannonball
She looked so sweet when she said, you all

Well, I met her Dad an' I met her Ma
They interduced me an' that was all
She talked so sweet with a southern drawl
She broke my heart when she said, you all

Well, I got'a little shack high on th hill
No boys at all just two little girls
She laughed at me said, it's all my fault
H'it all got started, when she said, you all

Well, I got an ole cat an' a little hound dog
We fight all night while th children squall
Cain't sleep a wink, no use to talk
It all got started when she said, you all