Pictures from Lifes other side

Cat. #0999 (MFH #500) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

In th world of many a picture
Of a picture of faded outside
There's a picture of joy an 'of sorrow
There's a picture --- -- an' of strife
There's a picture of youth an ' of beauty
Old age an' blushing young bride
All hung on th wall but th fairest of all
Was th picture from lifes other side

Th first thing was hangt to brother
Who lived their life different than way
One was livin' in luxury
The other one begged for his bread
One night they met on th highway
You money, your life th thief cried
There with his knife, took his own brother's life
Was th picture from lifes other side

The next scene was of a gambler
Who lost all his money in play
Took his dead Mother's ring from his finger
That she wore on her weddin' day
It was last thing on earth, but he staked it
Then he bowed his head in shame to hide
They lifted his head an' they bound he was dead
Was th picture from life's other side

It's a picture from life's other side
Someone thats fell by th way
Th light had gone out of th tide
That may have been happy someday
Your poor ole Mother at home
Waitin' an' watchin' alone
Waitin' to hear from her loved one so dear
Tis a picture from life other side

Th next scene is down by th river
A broken heart Mother an' child
The ole harbor lights still are shining
An' on out past on one side
Perhaps she was once't a good Mother
Somebody's darlin' an' bride
God, help her for her grief, there's no one to weep
T'is a picture from life's other side