Battle of Pea Ridge

Cat. #0049 (MFH #23) - As sung by Mrs. Allie Long Parker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on March 27, 1958

It was on March the Seventh
In th year of Sixty-two
We had a sore engagement
With Abe Lincoln's crew
Van Dorn was our Commander
As you remember be
We lost ten-thousand of our men
Near th Indian Territory

Pap Price came riding up-th-line
His horse was in a pace
An' as he gave th word retreat
Th tears rolled down his face
Ten-thousand deaths I'd rather die
As they should gain th field
From that he got a fatal shot
Which cause-ed him to yield

At Springfield and Carthrage
A many hero fell
At Lexington and Drywood
As near th truth can tell
But such another cornage
As did I ever see
Happened on old Pea Ridge
Near th Indian Territory

I know you brave Missouri boys
Were never yet afraid
Let's try an' form in order
Retreat th best we can
Th word retreat was passed around
And it caused th heathren cry
Helter, skelter, thru th woods
Like lost sheep they did fly

The first time Allie sang this song she could not remember all the words. This time she did.