Battle of Pea Ridge

Cat. #0126 (MFH #23) - As sung by Mr. Max Hunter, Springfield, Missouri on June 21, 1958

It was on March th Seventh
In th year of Sixty-two
We had a sore engagement
With Abe Lincoln's crew
Van Dorn was our Commander
As you remember be
We lost the-thousand of our men
Near th Indian Territory

Cap Price came riding up th line
His horse was in a pace
An' as he gave th word retreat
Th tears rolled down his face
Ten-thousand deaths I'd drather die
As they should gain th field
From that he got a fatal shot
Which caused him to yield

At Springfield and Carthage
Many a hero fell
At Lexington and Drywood
As near th truth can tell
But such another cornage
As did I ever see
Happened at ole Pea Ridge
Near th Indian Territory

I know you brave Missouri boys
Were never yet afraid
Let's try an' form in order
Retreat th best we can
Th word retreat was passed around
It raised a heathen cry
Helter, skelter, thru th woods
Like lost sheep they did fly

I had collected this song from Mrs. Allie Long Parker and sang it at the Tenth Annual Arkansas Folklore Society meeting. This was my first public performance.