Green Grows the Laurels

Cat. #0202 (MFH #216) - As sung by Lucy "Pat" Pricket, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on September 2, 1958

I once't had a sweetheart but now I have none
He's gone and left me, he left me alone
But since he has left me, contened I'll be
For he loves another one better than me

Green grows the laurels, t'is wet with the dew
I'm sorry my love since I parted with you
But at our next meeting, I hope you'll prove true
And change the green laurels from th red, white and blue

I wrote my love a letter all twisted in twine
He wrote me antoher already to sign
Saying, keep your love letters and I'll keep mine
Write to your true love and I'll write to mine

I passed my loves window both early and late
Th look that he gave me would'a make my heart ache
Th looks that he gave me, ten thousand would kill
That charming young beauty, th lad I love still