I Had But Fifty Cents

Cat. #0347 (MFH #274) - As sung by Mrs. Pearl Brewer, Pocahontas, Arkansas on May 27, 1959

I took my girl to a fancy ball
I thought we'd have some fun
I'll tell you guys, to my surprise
This is what she done
I took her into a cafetery
To give her a treat
She said, she was'nt hungry
But this is what she eat
A dozen raws, a plate of slaw
Chicken and some shrimp
She called for pie, I thought I'd die
For I had but fifty cents

She stepped up to th fountain
Before that I could think
She said, she was'nt thirsty
But this is what she drank
A bottle of pop with rum on top
Coffee and some tea
Ginger ale, I sure looked pale
For this was killing me
She said, she'd bring her family around
And we would have some fun
I handed him th fifty cents
An' this is what he done
He mashed my nose, he tore my clothes
He rolled me in th floor
He give me th prize of two black eyes
An' kicked me out at th door
He took me where my clothes hung loose
An' threw me over th fence
Take my advice and don't buy twice
When you got but fifty cents