Sam Bass

Cat. #0370 (MFH #585) - As sung by Mr. Fred High, High, Arkansas on July 14, 1959

Sam Bass, was borned in Indany
It was his native home
An' at th age of seventeen
Young Sam, begin to roam
He first started out to Texas
A teamster for t' be
A kinder hearted feller boy
You hardly ever see

Sam, he dealed in race stock
The one that was called th Denton Mare
An' he matched her in scrub races
An' took 'er to th fair
He always pawned his money
An' spent it very free
He always drank good liquor
Wherever he may be

Sam, he had four brave companions
Four brave an' daring lads
Richardson and Jackson, Joe Collins and old Dad
Had another brave companion
Called Arkansas for short
He's killed by a Texan Ranger
By th name a Thomas Floyd

Thomas was a big six footer
An' he thinks he's might shy
But I can tell his rackets
He's a deadbeat on th sly

Sam, he left th Collender ranch
In th merry month a May
With a herd of Texan cattle
Blackhills for t' see
Sold out in Cluster City
And all got on a spree
An' a harder set of cowboys
You hardly ever see

On their way to Texas
They robbed th U. P. train
An' busted up in couples
An' started out again
Sam Bass an' his pardner
Was overtaken soon
An' with their hard money
They met their fatal doom

(July th twenty-first, they killed 'im and I ain't got that next verse)