Sam Bass

Cat. #1271 (MFH #585) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 26, 1971

Sam Bass was borned in Indiana
It was his native home
An' at th age of seventeen
Young Sam begin to roam
First, started out to Texas
A teamster for to be
A kinder hearted feller-boy
You mighter ever seen

Sam, he dwelled in race stock
He owned th Denom mare
He matched 'er scrub races
An' took 'er to th fair
Sam, always coined th money, boys
An' spent it just as free
They all did drink good liquor, boys
Wherever we would be

Sam, he left, Collins ranch
In th merry month of May
With a herd of Texas cattle
Th blackline for t' see
On their way to Texas
They robbed th U.P. train
They busted up on couples
An' started on again

Sam met his fate at Round Rock
July th twenty-first
Sam had another pardner
Called, Arkansas for short
He was shot by a Texas Ranger
By th name of Thomas Brown
But O, what a scorchin', he will get
When Gabriel blows his horn

Now, poor Sam lies in lonely grave
He left his friends to mourn
Joe Collin an' his pardner
Was overtaken soon
They tried to get away
For th crimes they had done
But O, what a scorchin' they will get
When Gabriel blows his horn