Cat. #1019 (MFH #458) - As sung by Glen Orhlin, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

Out on th Indian reservation
Very far from civilization
Where th feet of th pale face seldom trod
When a white man took th ish one summer
Met a Indian girl, a hummer
Daughter of th big Chief, Spare-th-rod
White man threw some love an' glances
Took th maiden to our dances
Smoked th pipe of peace, took chances
Livin' in a teepee made of fur
Rode with her on an Injun pony
Bought 'er a diamond ring, a phoney
An' in loving words he'd say to her

Y ou're my pretty little Indian Napinee
Won't you take a chance an' marry me
Your Father is th chief, an' it's my belief
To a very merry wedding, he'll agree
True, your dark little Indian maid
I'll sunburn to a darker shade
I'll wear feathers in my hair
Paint my face an Injun red
If you'll only be my Napinee

Sorry t' say, but soon he caught her
Soon he married th big Chiefs daughter
Happy as any couple ever could be
Wasn't long till love, it faded
Napinee grew old an' shaded
Just about like any other squaw
Then papooses came by number
Red skin yells she's sturbed his slumber
White man slumbers as he wonders
An' th feathers drooped upon his head
To late now but he's still wishin'
That he'd never went a fishin'
Or had met this Indian girl an' said