The Dying Cowgirl

Cat. #0251 (MFH #141) - As sung by Mrs. Gladys McChristain, Huntsville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958

I staked my claims out in th west
When I was just a boy
I was out there all alone
No happiness or no joy
We had to fight the Indians
As o'er th plains we roamed
Ole paint and I, we just got by
And called this place our home

I started rustling cattle
Just rounding up th strays
In my saddle all th time
Riding night and day
Th stars I always trusted
To guide me o'er th plains
To take me back to my shack
And those strays home again

I rode out from th camp, one night
A storm was raging high
Th sound of horse hoofs met my ears
I heered a human cry
I raised up in my saddle
And turned ole paint around
I saw a dying cowgirl there
A lying on th ground

I knelt beside this dying girl
And tried to say a prayer
In hope that God, with all his love
Would hear my pleeding there
I saw her blue eyes open
She smiled at me so sweet
She said, that we would meet, up there
Where all good cowhands meet

I never shall forget her face
She seemed to me so brave
She lost her life out there, that night
For th strays she tried to save
But now, she waits up yonder
Out on that lonely range
Where all th stars watch over her
Until we meet again