Johnny's on the Sea

Cat. #0329 (MFH #508) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberley, Wheatland, Missouri on May 12, 1959

Johnny's been on sea and Johnny's been on shore
Johnny's been to Ireland just where he's been before
Welcome home, my Johnny, welcome home from sea
Last night my daughter Polly, was dreaming of thee

What's th news Johnny, very bad, said he
I lost my ship and cargo, while on th raging sea
Bring down your daughter Polly and set her down, by me
We'll drowned all melancholy and married we will be

My daughter Polly's absent John, she won't return today
And if she was here John, she would not let you stay
Her's so very rich John, and you so very poor
I'm sure if she was here John, she'd turn you from th door

John a being weary, hung down his head
He called for a candle to light 'im of t' bed
Th beds are full of strangers and have been all th week
And now for your lodging, poor Johnny you must seek

He looked upon th strangers, he looked upon them all
He looked upon th landlord and gave a reckoning call
Saying, thirty shillings of th new, forty of th old
And pulled out of his pockets, both hands full of gold

Th sight of th money, made the old lady rue
Saying, my daughter Polly will soon return to you
I hope you did'nt speak in earnest, I only spoke unjust
Without any exception, she loves you th best

Down come Polly, with a smiling face
Gives John a sweet kiss and a kind embrace
Welcome home, my Johnny, welcome home from sea
Th grain beds are empty and there you shall be

When I had no money, my lodging I might seek
Before I'd lie within your beds, I'd lie within th street
Now I have money plenty, I'll make th tavern hurl
A bottle of good brandy and a many a prettier girl