The Model Church

Cat. #0044 (MFH #412) - As sung by Aunt Fannie Pricket, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on February 5, 1958

. . . . found a model church
Found worship there today
It made me think of good ole days
Before my hair was gray
Th meeting house
Was finer built
Than it was years ago
I found out wife, when I went in
It was not built for show

He must of been a Christian man
He led me boldly thru
The long aisle of that crowded church
To find a pleasant pew
He did not set me
'Way back by th door
He saw that I was old and deaf
An' knew that I was poor

Aunt Fannie Pricket, Hogscald Hollow, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was 84 years old when she sang this song and was just getting over a very bad sick spell.