Model Church

Cat. #0938 (MFH #412) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

O, wife I found a model church
An' I worshiped there today
It made me think of good ole times
Before my hair was gray
Th meetin' house was finer built
Than it was, years ago
But then I found when I went in
It was not built for show

Th preacher did not set me down
Away back by th door
He knew that I was old an' deaf
An' he saw that I was poor
I wished to hear th singing
It had th ole time ring
Till it seemed I heerd th angels say
Let all th people sing

I tell you wife, it did me good
To sing that hymn, once more
My deafness seemed to melt away
My spirit caught th fire
Dear wife, our trials will soon be o'er
Th victor soon be won
Th spring land is just ahead
Our race is nearly run

When your in Connon's happy shore
Our home, so right an' fair
Thank God, we'll never sin no more
There be no sorrow there