My Parents Raised Me Tenderly

Cat. #0453 (MFH #411) - As sung by Mr. William Edens, Mont Ne, Arkansas on January 20, 1960

My parents raised me tenderly
They had no boy, but me
My mind was bent on roving
From them, I strayed away
There was a wealthy ole farmer
Who lived not far, close by
He had th loneli daughter
T'ward I cast an eye

She was pretty, tall an' handsome
Most beautiful an' fair
There was'nt a girl in this countree
To her I could compare
I asked her if made any difference
If I corss't over th plain
Likewise, that she'd prove tue to me
Till I returned again

She said, it made no difference
If I cross't over th plain
Likewise, she said, she'd prove true to me
Till death should prove unkind
We kissed, shook hands, we parted
I left my girl behind
I set sail for Texas
For Parker County, I'se bound

I landed in Weatherford City
Th girls to me were kind
The only object of my mind
Was th gril I'd left behind
As I quit work one evening
Strolled down th Georgie Square
Th mail coach lately arriving
Th driver met me there

He handed to me a letter
It give me to understand
Th girl I'd left behind me
Had married another man
So, I proceeded a little further
To see if this be true
I turned my self right 'round about
Not knowing what next would I do

T'was on th Sunday before I left that girl
It's on the book, she swore
That she'd be mine an' none, but mine
She vowed that o'er an' o'er
My pocket being empty
Not much that I had gain
So, I set sail for Ar-kansas
Strange faces for to see

So, I set sail for Ar-kansas
Strange faces for t' see
I fell in love with Miss Mary Walker
An' her in love, with me

As we walked out one'd evening
Said she to me, young man
You'd better stay with me
For th girl you left behind

I always have upheld for you
While others on you have frowned
I always have montained you
While others have runned you down

Your pockets, now they are laden
Hard work you may give o'er
If you'll consent to marry me
An' say you'll rove no more
So now, we have a marriage
I know it is all true
I love Miss Mary, I tell you I do
An' I know that she loves me