The Girl I Left Behind Me

Cat. #1064 (MFH #411) - As sung by Raymond Sanders, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

My parents treated me kindly
They hadn't no one but me
My mind was bent on rambling
Which we could not agree
My mind was bent on rambling
Which makes my heart, most sore
To leave my aged parents
To see them never no more

There lived a wealthy old farmer
In a much country mile or nigh
He had a lovely daughter
On her I cast an eye
I asked if it made any difference
If I sailed o'er th plain
She said, it made no difference
If I'd return again

We kissed, shook hands an' parted
I left that girl behind
I landed in Denver City, boys
It's, Pikes Peak I was bound
But in work, was plenty full
Of th pretty girls I could find
But th girl I left in Missouri
Was th object of my mind

As I went out a walikn'
Down on th public square
I heard th mail hack rattlin'
Th mail man met me there
He handed t' me a letter
Which gave me t' understand
Th girl I left in Missouri
Had married another man

I read a few lines further
An' I found these words were true
Then turned myself around an' around
I didn't know what to do
I'll spent th rest of my life in ramble,
Card playin' all cast o'er
For th girl I left in Missouri
That makes my heart most sore