The Girl I Left Behind Me

Cat. #1386 (MFH #411) - As sung by Joan O'Bryant, Wichita, Kansas on

My parents treated me tenderly
There were no boys but me
But my mind was bent on rambling
With them I couldn't agree
So, I became a rambler
Which grieved their hearts, so sore
And, I left my aged parents
That I never would see no more

There was a rich ole farmer
Who lived a nighboor, nigh
He had a hansome daughter
On whom I cast an eye
He had a handsome daughter
So beautiful an' fair
But there wasn't a girl in th country
With her I could compare

I asked if it made any difference
If I went to Illinois
She said, would make no difference
If I'd return some time
So, we kissed, shook hands an' parted
Th girl I left behind

We landed near York Junction
A town in Illinois
Where work an' money was plenty
And th girls to me proved kind
But the only desires of my heart
Was the girl I left behind

One evenin' I was a ramblin'
Around th public square
Th mail coach had arriven
Th postman met me there
He handed me a letter
Which made me understand
That the girl I left behind me
Had run off with another man

I advanced a little bit further
Th news I found quite true
I turned myself around an' about
I didn't know what to do
I swore my trade I would give o'er
To rambling, I'd resign
And I would travel from town to town
For th girl I'd left behind

O don't save your affection
From th top of any tree
Th leaves, they will wither
Th roots, they will decay
And th beauty of th fairest girl
Will soon fade away