The Girl I Left Behind

Cat. #0526 (MFH #411) - As sung by Harrison Burnett, Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1960

My parents treated me tenderly
They had no boy but me
My mind being bent on rambling
It's proved to be unkind
To leave my age'd parents
An' never no more return

I asked my girl if she would consent
For me to cross th sea
Or, if she would prove true to me
Till I return again
She says, she would prove true to me
Till death did prove unkind
So, we shook hands and parted
I left my girl behind

So, I struck out for some different country
Nebrasky for th see
An trade an' money were plenty
An' th girls were kind to me
Money an' trading were plenty
An' th girls to me were kind
But I never, never shall forget
That girl I left behind

As I came in from work one evening
All on Saint James Square
I was standing by th gate post
When th mail boy met me there
He handed me a letter
Some news to understand
That th girl I left behind me
Had married another man

In reading this letter
Some further down
I find this news be true
So, I turned myself around and about
For I did'nt know what to do
Good neighbors, I will give over
Bad company, I'll design
I'll spend th rest of my days in rambling
From the girl I left behind